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To use the Distribution Engine territories you'll first need to create a map. From the map builder, you can select countries, states, or zip codes to create geographic groups called territories. Each map can have many territories. In most cases, businesses need only one map unless different departments in your organization have different territory definitions.

From the Distribution Classifier Tab select Maps from the navigation bar on the left. Then click New Map on the right or click the map name to update an existing map.

Next, you'll name your map and click OK.

Click Add Territory to add a new territory. A territory is a collection of countries, states or zip codes that will be selected in a future step. For now, name the territory and select the color you would like to assign it.

You will be brought to a map to select the geographic areas you would like to add to your territory. You can zoom in on particular map sections by double-clicking or right-clicking in that area. If a region is outlined in green it can be divided further. For example, the United States is outlined in green so we can double click to drill down to the US states or zip codes that can be used to create a territory.  The list of available zoom levels is located here and is updated based on customer requests.

Once a map is zoomed in, the breadcrumb at the top of the map or the +/- buttons at the lower right can be used to zoom out.

There are a few ways to select an area to add to your territory; click the area (country, state, or zip code), hold the shift key to draw a box around the regions you would like included, or import data to create a territory. Click Save and continue to add territories until you've accounted for all territories in your organization.

A sample of a country level territory.

A sample of a state level territory.

A sample of zip code level territory.

Next, you'll want to order the territories from the smallest region to the largest. Territories should be organized in this order; zip code, state, and country. Click Reorder Territories.

Drag and drop or use the arrows to reorder your territories and click OK when you are finished.

Once a map is created or edited, it remains in draft status until it is activated. You'll need to activate a map before it can be used to classify records or make assignments. After a map is activated, tags will be created that can be assigned to users from the Distribution Tags tab.


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