Assignment Simulator Result Explorer

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Exploring Results

The Assignment Simulator result explorer displays the results of a simulation, allowing you to review why each distributor could or could not assign a record. Results are displayed grouped by team, in assignment order. Each team is expandable and collapsable by clicking the arrow on the right of the team header.

If the option 'Stop simulation on successful assignment' is enabled, any teams and distributors that were not tested will be displayed with their names struck through.

To review the results of a simulation, you can view the following categories for each Distributor: Method, Filters and Team members. The tick or cross displayed next to the category represents whether the test against that category passed or failed.

If the name of the distributor has a tick next to it, as in the screenshot below then the indicated distributor could distribute the record.

To view the details as to why a record passed or failed against a test category, clicking the category will show a breakdown of how the record performed against all of the criteria in that category. For the team member category, where there are more details to show, click the arrow next to the team member to display more details.

Simulation Configuration

At the top of the page, you can view the configuration for the current simulation. You can see more details by clicking the arrow on the right of the page.

To run a new simulation, click the New Simulation button. This will load the configuration window, with the current simulation's details pre-loaded.

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