Koala Upgrade Process

Charlie Jenkins Updated by Charlie Jenkins

Distribution Engine Koala is now available on the AppExchange.  You can upgrade both production and sandbox orgs using the "Get it Now" button. When installing, you will be prompted to choose Sandbox or Production install. You will want to install for Admins Only. Please review the release notes for a list of features and changes. 

As with all releases, you will want to ensure all admins and managers, who access Distribution Engine, have the proper permission set and a managed package license assigned to them. These permission sets are updated as needed for access to features and fields related to Distribution Engine. 


SANDBOX: Before installing Koala in a Sandbox, Distribution Engine should be on the Jellyfish release, 14.x.  You will need to refresh your sandbox or upgrade it to Jellyfish using this link. If upgrading to Koala, you will need to wait for the post install maintenance to be completed before then upgrading to Koala. The version number can be checked under Installed Packages in Setup

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