Distribution Process View

From the Distribution Teams tab you can access the process view. This shows each source (queues / users / field valUES) on the left hand side and the teams and distributors on the right hand side.

You can perform the following actions from the process view

  • Filter by active / inactive teams
  • Filter to show the process for a single object (e.g. Lead / Case)
  • Click or hover over a source to see which distributors it connects with
  • Click a team name to see the team level filters and the team members
  • Click a distributor filter icon to view the filter criteria
  • Click a distributor method icon to view the method (e.g. round robin, weighting enabled)
  • Click the member icon to view the team member filters and capping
  • Click the post assignment icon to view the field updates
  • Open a team or distributor from the Open link in the panels.


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