Tracking & SLAs

Tracking and SLAs

Distribution Engine allows you to capture the time taken to follow up on an assigned record (e.g. speed to contact a lead) and also to enforce follow up times via SLAs. Records which fail SLA times c…


Distribution SLAs

Distribution SLAs (Service Level Agreements) notify you of missed targets. Usually, this is to enforce response metrics such as time to contact. SLAs enable you to notify your team when they miss the…


Auto Reassign

The Distribution Engine auto reassign functionality works in conjunction with SLAs to enforce your time-based response targets. SLAs can be used to notify the team when targets are missed; auto reass…


Tracked Assignees

The number of team members that Distribution Engine tracks having received a specific record can be controlled with this setting on the Distribution Settings tab. If the Auto-reassign feature is in u…


Action Tracking

Action tracking allows you to monitor the time taken from assignment to a certain milestone. For example, time to contact a lead or time to resolve a case. Action tracking is set on a team's Tracking…