Salesforce Admins

Workflow Rule Examples

It can sometimes be useful to integrate Salesforce workflow rules with Distribution Engine. Here we explain how to avoid clases with Distribution Engine, and also an example of how to create tasks on assignment.

Formula Examples

Sample formulas to help admins may find useful within Distribution Engine.

Flow Examples

Examples of Salesforce Flows that can be used to enhance Distribution Engine and integrate it with your existing business processes. These are just examples, so they can be amended to meet your needs. We would also recommend adding error handling and additional logic to cover all paths.

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Process Builder Examples

Some examples of how Salesforce Process Builder can be used to complement Distribution Engine

Information for New Admins

This topic cover steps for admins who are new to Distribution Engine - e.g. those joining a company where Distribution Engine is already in-use. Follow these steps to get up and running. The Distribu…


Validation Rules

Distribution Engine must update records in order to assign them by changing the owner. Sometimes customers have validation rules in place which can block updates and prevent DE from assigning. DE obv…