Lead Matching

Lead Matching - Introduction

Lead Matching is part of the Distribution Engine Classifier module and allows Distribution Engine to determine whether a lead relates to existing Accounts, Contacts or other Leads already in your Sal…


Duplicate Rule Setup

To take advantage of the Lead Matching feature of Distribution Engine (DE), you'll need to first configure Salesforce Duplicate and Matching rules. Salesforce provides standard matching rules for Lea…


Related Owner - Lead Matching

Once you have configured Lead Matching , you will need to configure Related Owner distributor to take advantage of the feature. Assign using related object - This is the first Object you want a new l…


Lead matching vs lookup owner

The lookup owner, and sticky assignment algorithms already in Distribution Engine will remain unchanged, so for customers already using these there’s no pressure to make any changes, but for some use…


Classifier Lead Matching Setup

The classifier tab contains the Distribution Engine lead matching settings. Once you've got your duplicate rule setup , you can start enabling the various lead matching options in the classifier. Cla…


Lead to Account/Contact/Lead Settings

Lead-to-xx Settings. Each Lead matching type has it's own configuration options. You can choose to enable all Lead-to-xx or just those you need. You will not have the ability to enable lead matching…