Setup Examples

Skill Based Matching

It's common to assign cases to your teams based on their skills. But what happens when people have different levels of skills and what do you do when no one with the skill is available. The following…


Assigning Contacts - Pairing SDRs and AEs

This is a use case specific to assigning contacts already linked to accounts. Some customers have inbound contacts (e.g. those updated by tools such as Pardot) which need to be followed up by an SDR.…


Delaying Distribution

In some circumstances you may want to delay distribution of a record for a period of time. An example may be if you have other automations that you want to give time to update the record before it is…


Enforce Cap for Manually Assigned Records

Distribution Engine offers team level caps for the records that it assigns, but in some cases, our customers need to assign records manually while maintaining team level caps. For example, a customer…


Criteria Caps

Criteria caps allow for a cap to be placed on a distributor that limits how many records it will assign to users, based on criteria, rather than a time period. For example, a user could have two hot…

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