Custom Object Link in Distribution Logs Report

The steps below are provided to add a hyperlink to a Salesforce report on Distribution logs.  This hyperlink will direct to the record page for custom objects that have been assigned by Distribution Engine.  There are lookup fields for the standard Salesforce objects already on the Distribution Logs object, this hyperlink is intended to provide similar functionality.

Create Custom Formula Field:


While these steps will direct you to modify the Distribution Logs object, it is only to add an additional field.  Please do not modify any already existing fields.  Distribution Engine code relies on the existing fields.  Modifications to those fields can result in Distribution Engine failing or functioning differently than intended.


  1. On the left select 'Fields & Relationships'
  2. On the right click 'New'
  3. For the new Custom Field select 'Formula' 
  4. Click 'Next'
  5. Enter a 'Field Label' and 'Field Name'
    • 'Field Name' will likely be auto-populated
  6. Choose 'Text' for the Formula Return Type.
  7. Click 'Next'
  8. In the text area enter the following formula:
    • HYPERLINK(LEFT($Api.Partner_Server_URL_260, FIND( '/services', $Api.Partner_Server_URL_260))+ n2de__Assigned_object_id_index__c , n2de__Assigned_object_record_name__c )
  9. Click 'Next'
  10. Click 'Next'
  11. Click 'Save'

Adding Custom Field to Salesforce Report:


Once the custom field is created it can be added as a column on a Salesforce report on Distribution Logs.

  1. Search for 'Distribution Logs'
  2. Select 'Distribution Logs' in the results and click 'Continue'
  3. Add the desired fields to the report including the new Custom field as a Column


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