Warnings and Errors

Health Checker Messages

The Distribution Engine Health Checker runs every hour on the hour by default. The Health Checker will check for issues with Distribution Engine. Where it finds a problem it will notify via email. Th…


Scheduler Restarted

The Distribution Engine scheduler is the process that is managing the assignment of records. When Distribution Engine Health Checker discovers that the Distribution Engine scheduler has aborted it wi…


Distributor Failures - Records on Hold

Distributors that are experiencing assignments errors and repeated failures are not shut down. Instead, records that are experiencing errors will be placed on 'hold'. Distribution Engine will create…


Assignment Errors

Distribution Engine will create a single distribution log for a particular record and will retain that log through all unsuccessful attempts at the assignment until the update is committed. If the nu…


Classifier Errors

The Distribution Classifier will attempt to classify all new records, but sometimes this can fail due to validation or other errors. If that happens the classification will continue to be attempted e…


Apex CPU time limit exceeded

Distribution Engine(DE) needs to update records in order to assign them. DE can update relatively large volumes of records in a single update. If an org makes use of Process Builder flows, triggers a…