Apex API

Team Member API

Methods to manage the members of a team.

Tags API

The DE Apex API includes methods to create and update tag collections, assign / unassign tags and get user's tag assignments.

Availability API

Methods to set user availability

DE Apex API Introduction

Distribution Engine (DE) includes an Apex API consisting of global apex classes to access Distribution Engine features programmatically. Availability. Class Method Description n2de.DistributionEngine…

Updated 5 months ago

System API

The DE Apex API includes methods to check the status of the DE job and to run the health checker programmatically. Has Scheduler Failed. global static boolean hasSchedulerFailed() Returns true if the…

Updated 5 months ago

Rejection API

The DE Apex API includes methods to call the DE rejection functionality programmatically. Reject Assignment. global static void n2de.GlobalAPIReject.rejectAssignment(Id recordId, String reason) Perfo…

Updated 5 months ago