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The Nightingale release introduces a number of exciting new enhancements across Distribution Engine, designed to streamline your setup and improve your reps productivity. The expansions to SLAs and Rejection to allow for a single team to have different SLA and rejection behaviors defined, using custom classification to group records. Improvements around user availability toggles ensure that your reps availability is accurate. There are also several enhancements to Trigger, Lookup Owner and Pull distribution methods.

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Main Features





Stamp SLAs

Stamp SLAs allow your team to have different SLA behaviors for different types of records, within a single team. Using Stamps, you are able to group your records into configurations, each having their own definition of SLA behaviors, including the number of SLA alerts, the times that they are set to and the auto reassign behavior. This helps your team represent a real world team, capable of handling different categories of work, all with their own deadlines and expected time frames.


Stamp Rejection

Like Stamp SLAs above, Stamp Rejection creates the opportunity to have multiple rejection behaviors within a single team, categorized by the Stamps on the record. This allows your team to easily route records which have been incorrectly assigned to the appropriate place for records of that category.

Availability Toggles

Timer Toggles

Timer Toggles allow users to toggle themselves as unavailable for a set period of time, for example, an hour for lunch, or 30 minutes for a meeting. This reduces the likelihood of 'forgotten' toggle-ons, which can lead to missed assignments. This feature can be enabled at an org level, and can be set to either allow users to define their own toggle period, or to force them to use a pre-defined length.

Availability Toggles

Toggle status at end of day

Toggle status at end of day allows for the availability toggles for all users to be uniformly set to 'On' or 'Off' after their last shift for the day finished. This allows you to ensure that users will start the next working day either ready to receive work as soon as their shift starts, if set to 'On', or if 'Off' is selected, ensuring that users will have to actively toggle on to signify that they are ready to receive work. This allows you to optimize your teams toggle availability to suit how your teams work.

Distribution Methods

Trigger Distribution Expansion

Trigger Distributors can now operate on any Salesforce object, allowing you to take advantage of the lightning-fast speed of Triggers distribution, for any use case. To configure this, you can go to the new Trigger Settings page to setup your new objects.

In addition to this, we have removed the need to talk to us to enable Trigger distribution, so all of our customers now have access!

Distribution Methods

Lookup Owner Enhancements

Lookup owner distribution has had a number of enhancements, focusing on improving flexibility and robustness for Lookup Owner distribution. The introduction of a new tie breaker field, this allows you to determine which fields are used to break a tie, in the event that a lookup returns multiple valid results.

We have also added a new option to determine whether converted leads can be looked up to, or whether they will be ignored, and expanded the number of 'where' clauses to three to help further refine the lookup criteria.

Pull Distribution

Configurable Number of Pulls

Pull distributors can now be configured to pull more than one record at a time, great for users bulk assigning themselves records during quieter periods.


Improved Merge

The Lead De-duplication functionality has been improved with the ability to save data from the duplicate record where that field on the original record was blank.


Other Improvements



Teams & Distributors

Teams and Distributors can now have a description, allowing users to identify their purpose from more than the naming.

Descriptions are shown on tooltips throughout the application, and in the side panels of the assignment process viewer.


Up to three delay filters can now be used in Classifier, allowing further precision for defining when pre-processes will have completed.

Tag Assignments

When hovered with the mouse, tags will now highlight other instances of that tag assigned to other users.

Team member hours

Team member hours will now show the shift name that team hours is using, if appropriate.

Assignment Simulator

Assignment Simulator will now show an information message when the simulation will take a while.


For standard SLAs, when selecting the auto-reassign behavior for a distributor, you can now see a reminder of what the SLA criteria are for that team.


For both Teams and Distributors, the quick switcher dropdowns have been widened to allow for better visibility of options.


Defects Resolved




Made changes to try and recover from the scenario where the Application Settings Runtime record is locked for an extended period of time by an unknown process

Regional Holidays

Regional Holidays table now correctly uses the screen width correctly.


Picklist filters now correctly handle the string 'null'.

Trigger Distribution

Fixed an issue where filtering on a 'Created By' field caused distribution to fail.


Displayed assignment date in the 'Assigned to Me' modal was incorrectly displaying in browser timezone, instead of the user's Salesforce timezone.

Lead Matching

Warning message for domain matching preparation sometimes shown when not appropriate.


Lookup Owner and Related Owner could sometimes have caps enabled. As these distribution methods do not support caps, this has been removed.

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