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Introducing Nightingale!

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Release Overview:

Introducing the Nightingale release! Packed with new features to help optimise your configuration and get the most out of your teams!

Enhancements to custom classification now allow each record type to have unique rejection and SLA behaviors, enabling consolidation of complicated setups.

New functionality has been added around user toggles, allowing for a temporary, timed toggle off, as well as enabling all users to be toggled on or off at the start of a day, reducing the need to manager user’s toggles.

Plus, enjoy a whole host of supporting features that improve distribution methods and other areas of functionality.

Nightingale was released in July 2024.

Custom Classification - Stamp Rejection & SLAs

Do you feel like your DE team structure is more complicated than it needs to be? Are you creating extra team structures to handle more complex scenarios?

You can now use Custom Classification to further consolidate your teams! Custom Classification has been expanded to allow each stamp to have a unique rejection behavior within a team, meaning that records can be escalated or rejected to different users or queues within a single distributor, depending on the type of record. SLAs have also been enhanced to allow for different SLA times to be set for different stamps, ensuring that critical records can be addressed promptly without the need to manage additional teams.

Using these new features of Custom Classification, you can now consolidate teams which previously represented the same groups of people, but were seperated to allow for differing SLAs/Rejection behaviours for different types of record.

User Availability Toggle & Shift improvements

Do your reps forget to toggle themselves back on after lunch? Tired of time-critical assignments going to reps before they arrive at their desk in the morning?

The new Timer Toggles enhancement expands User Availability toggles, allows users to toggle themselves off for a set period of time, automatically toggling them on again after, allowing them to step out for lunch or attend meetings with no reliance on them remembering to toggle back on. 

Additionally, toggles can now be set to automatically turn off or on at the end of the working day, ensuring that when the next day begins, all users are either toggled on and ready to go, or need to toggle themselves on to begin accepting records.

These features combined mean that it's easier than ever to ensure your reps are recieving records when they can work them, and not recieving them when they can't.

Trigger & Lookup Owner Distributor Enhancements

Are you looking for low volume, high speed distribution? Trigger Distribution has now been enhanced to support any object, providing even more flexibility for Distribution Engine to solve your business problems . In addition to this, Trigger Distribution has been enabled for all Distribution Engine customers by default, allowing you to get started today.

It's not just Trigger distribution that has been improved however, Lookup Owner Distribution has been given new capabilities, with more granular control over your lookup, you'll be able to find the right team member every single time!

Other Enhancements

In addition to these features, other improvements have been made all over the Distribution Engine app! Pull Distributors can now be set to pull multiple records at a time, great for quickly filling your team’s work queues. Lookup Owner distribution now provides even more flexibility, with more lookup clauses, custom tie breakers and the option to include or exclude converted leads.The de-duplicate functionality of the classifier has been improved with new data retention capabilities, meaning that any additional information on the duplicates isn’t lost.

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Nightingale Release Notes